Sunday, 19 May 2013

Herman van Niekerk | Press Release: E-Entrepreneur Success Mindset E-Course

Herman van Niekerk | Press Release: E-Entrepreneur Success Mindset E-Course

E-Entrepreneur Success Mindset E-Course

The successful business person doesn't just strive for excellence, he/she believes in it. I have compiled an E-Course on the E-Entrepreneur Success Mindset that will be sent straight to your inbox and is divided into two parts.

In part one you will learn how to avoid being part of this dreadful statistic of the failing majority of online business people and how to do what matters in business.  Those who persevere and completed part one will sign up for part two to learn how to take action.

When you sign up for part one you will receive five eBooks as a welcome gift (Email Essentials, Facebook Marketing, Building your business around Twitter, Video Marketing and Viral Marketing). On completion of part one, starting part two and on completion of part two you will receive more awesome gifts.

You will receive these emails every second day to keep you in the loop of a growing or improving success mindset. The video I used demonstrates a mindset of success.

Looking forward to have you on course and as always; I will respect your privacy.
Also take note that this course does not guarantee success – only you do.

You can sign up for the free e-course at

The course is totally free – so what is stopping you to invest a little time in yourself?

Separate yourself from the struggling majority and sign up today.

Collectively Towards Success,

(Founder, Owner and Chairman)
HinvestA … your iGeneration Lifestyle Family

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