Sunday, 21 August 2011


The aim of HinvestA is to help people towards a better Lifetyle.
Our new website is active.  
The main website is something special.
The main subjects covered are Scripture, Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Business and Business Registration, Travel (coming soon) and Lifestyle.
The site covers opportunities to earn income or at least improve the financial status of those involved.
Feel welcome to share your views on improving the lives of people.
Having said that, let's use this blog to discuss the positives in life and not to "sling mud".
Let our contributions help people and even yourself to stand up and be what they really want to be.
Let us share towards greatness.


What is Lifestyle?
What does Lifestyle entail?
Let us make it clear from the offset.  If we want to write all about Lifestyle, the books of the world would not be enough to contain what can be written.
We might say that Lifestyle starts with the thoughts of the mind and culminate into action (or not) with results, subsequent feelings and/or perceptions (good or bad) and then back to thoughts.
How about your personal opinion on that?  From the hip!

Lifestyle is simply put, our way of living and entails:
Social interactivity,
Maintenance (provision in needs), and you might say, much more.

The end result of it all, should be fulfillment, or should it?
How must we live, or must we live according to set standards … are there set standards?
Where do we start?   Should we start by “taking stock” of  our lives?  If so, how?
We’ve put forwards a few questions to get things started.

Here’s the “rules”:
Don’t copy and paste someone else’s work, entirely.   You may quote, but share your own views.
Share your own thoughts.
Always be positive and make a constructive contribution.   Posts will be scrutinized.
If you do not agree with someone else’s post, take up the challenge to why that person posted something specific.
Don’t argue, reason.
Any posts defying human dignity will be deleted.

We are really looking forward it.